lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017


The militants of the Communist Party of Perú, in the face of the new trial on the case of Tarata, reject this farcical trial.

WE REJECT THIS FARCICAL TRIAL for the following reasons:

1) In general, the reality of the facts is distorted because it’s a revolutionary war against exploitation and oppression of a semi-feudal, semi-colonial system and one of bureaucratic capitalism that sinks the popular majorities in hunger, misery and neglect and backwardness (life in the countryside was almost as in the 16th century).

But in Perú rather than recognising this revolutionary reality and analysing its causes, revolution is criminalised and to be a communist is forbidden.

On the other hand, the facts of the farcical trial are also twisted and the witnesses, words and deeds are fabricated to simply punish and warn.

For the only truth is that the Central Committee never planned nor ordered that action, for it is not part of the party politics. The implementers have already been tried and sentenced; it was an incidental fact, also recognized by the head of the specialised intelligence police Benedicto Jiménez at his hearing and in his book.

2) A general exception law is being applied: the anti-terrorist law 25475 that is maintained and aggravated with greater restrictions of rights (“narco-terrorism”, no benefits, conspiracy, civil death, no resocialisation, no rehabilitation, no reintegration), issued by the repudiated genocidal and traitorous dictatorship, besides being the most corrupt of the Peruvian Republican history.

Procedural Laws and procedure of exception are being applied, starting by a Criminal Court which violates the natural judge, and the President himself of the judicial branch recognises that it should be reorganised because it does not have a legal base.

More so, the ordinary limitation periods do not apply in our case; neither does the reasonable duration time, and the pre-trial detention time exceeds the normal limit.

In addition to other denials of rights such as the dangerousness of a person and the extension of the punitive power of the State or the imposition of command responsibility violating the legality, even the due process is systematically violated. And finally the laws of exception for the implementation against criminals, such as the Naval Base, the confinement in the prison of Ancón or Piedras Gordas I, are all being applied without legal backing.

3) New charges are being fabricated besides aggravated terrorism, now they include: illegal drug trafficking, kidnapping and the characterization of acting against humanity, without real base of legal backing and only to discredit and punish, but while the capitalist system of exploitation continues there will always be world proletarian revolution.

4) Life imprisonment is imposed upon all the leaders, this punishment did not exist at the time of the events and to prevent the freedom of those who have already fulfilled their maximum sentence.

5) All this regime of exception is criminal law characteristic of open dictatorships that also govern the apparent democracies (or the charade of democracies) such as the current one. In addition, this farce has mounted itself in the specific juncture in which all the living Presidents of Perú in the last 40 years have been or are being charged with crimes against humanity or corruption, demonstrating the crisis of the capitalist system of exploitation and bourgeois democracy.

And once more they use us, this time to cover up their own heinous crimes.

Due to all of this we reject this farcical trial fabricated against the Communist Party of Perú and its leaders, against the Peruvian revolution and the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought revolutionaries of Perú.

We reaffirm ourselves in that the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist World Proletarian Revolution is fair, necessary and fully feasible.




February, 2017                                                                          COMMUNIST PARTY OF PERÚ